Every Lemon & Grass pillowcase is unique and made out of 100% organic cotton/canvas. Both the printed Eco Cotton Gabardine on the front as well as the Eco Cotton Canvas on the back of the pillow cover have a wonderful soft feel. The colours are rich and vivid and the photography print beautifully sharp.



The Lemon & Grass fabric storage baskets made out of 100% organic cotton/canvas help you organize your home. Many people use them in their bathroom, filling them with make-up, cremes and hair-accessoires for example. But the baskets are also great as helpers on your desk or as gift baskets filled with sweets or a beautiful flower for example. There are countless ways you can use them (diaper storage, toy storage, plant pot, etc.)


Furthermore the collection also includes TOTE BAGS, ZIPPER POUCHES,

and there is more to come...