" My dream is that the terms 'organic' and 'fair trade' become the standard, not the exception."

   says Nicole Schyns, owner of Lemon & Grass.


Nicole has a degree in Crossmedia Design, a course of study she undertook with lots of joy and completed in 2014 at the ArtEZ (AKI) Art Academy in Enschede, the Netherlands. "I was quite little when I knew already that I wanted to study fine arts. I painted a lot in my teenage years, but during my studies I discovered photography as my favourite medium." Nicole's photographs range from abstract and colourful to minimalistic, black and white. She mostly photographs natural elements and landscapes but also has a deep fascination with painting-like surfaces, patterns and graphical forms.


"I always somehow felt the urge to not only make art, but also practical things, things you are actually allowed to touch, things you have to touch! (Sorry I'm a really touchy person. My husband always laughs at me, watching my hands touch all kinds of surfaces, fabrics and materials outside, in stores and at people's homes! ) That is also why I chose to study Crossmedia Design instead of pursuing fine arts.


"As nature is my biggest friend and source of inspiration, I care a lot about it. There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever: the products that I would make for Lemon & Grass had to be eco-friendly. I think the hardest one to find was a print shop that could print my photography onto organic fabric in an environmentally friendly way. But hurray, this company exists! I hope that one day terms like 'organic' and 'fair trade' will be the standard in the textile industry and not the exception." Nicole works with suppliers that have the same mindset. As many of them as possible are also located in the Netherlands.


The result of all that are products, made with care and love for the environment and humanity. Every product is handmade by Nicole and unique, because the piece of fabric used for the product is just a tiny part of a larger photograph printed on a big roll of fabric. As an interior design enthusiast herself, Nicole chose to mainly make products in that category.